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Mumoo Bear – CIRCULATED Turntable Cat Toy – Assorted Colors

A CIRCULAR TURNTABLE cat toy stimulates a cat’s natural hunting instinct. It is made of PP material, which is highly resistant to scratches and bites. It will provide hours of fun for your cat. A good quality cat toy will last your pet for many years.

Mumoo Bear

If you are looking for a circular rotating cat toy that your cat will love, you should consider the Mumoo Bear. This product is available in many different colors and has a rotating motion that makes it more fun for your cat. If you want to buy it, you can go online to desertcart.com and get unlimited free shipping to 164 countries. You can also choose the desertcart Plus service for fast delivery without any hassles.

This electronic cat toy comes with a built-in 250 MAH lithium battery and can provide hours of fun for your kitty. The sphere-shaped toy also has a self-balancing system that automatically changes directions when it runs into anything. Your cat can easily play with the toy without any help at all. Even better, you can turn it off when your pet has spent all of its energy on it.


Mumoo Bear – CIRCULATED TURNTABLE CAT TOY – Assorted Colors is available for free shipping to the Bahamas and is also available to ship worldwide. You can avail free shipping in 164 countries with desertcart Plus. It also offers fast delivery without any hassles.

This circular turntable cat toy has three levels that provide hours of fun for your cat. Its low-center-of-gravity design makes it easy to clean, and the colorful surface is easy to roll around. The mats on the bottom keep the cat toy from scratching the floor.


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