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Circular Turntable Cat Toy

Your cat will have a great time playing with this Circular Turntable Cat Toy. It offers 3 levels of absolute fun, giving your feline friend both a mental and physical workout. Each level features a bright ball that rotates on tracks built in to the toy. Your cat will love to watch the ball spin as it travels around the toy. This is the perfect way to keep your pet occupied and to prevent boredom.

Mumoo Bear

The Mumoo Bear is a circular rotating pet toy, and is a great option for your feline friend. It comes in a wide variety of different colors and is easy to clean. For cats of all ages, it’s the perfect way to keep your cat entertained and engaged. You can purchase a Mumoo Bear online and have it shipped directly to your home in Aruba. The site offers free worldwide shipping and the product is delivered in a fast and convenient manner.

This self-rotating cat toy will keep your indoor cat entertained and moving around. It produces a red light that attracts your cat’s attention. It works best on hard flooring, though it won’t work on a thick carpet. Unlike some other electronic cat toys, this one won’t scratch up your furniture.


Rappi is a circular turntable cat toy that is perfect for any cat. It’s durable and made of tear-resistant polypropylene. It has a non-slip base and three detachable levels. The top features a cute cat head, and it comes in three vibrant colors.

en Rappi

The Rappi Circular Turntable Cat Toll is a great interactive cat toy that has three levels of fun for your feline friend. It gives them an excellent physical and mental workout, with each level holding a bright ball on a built-in track. Your kitty will love spinning the balls in motion, and the toy is sure to get rid of boredom and pet depression.


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