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Things to Do in Delcambre Louisiana

Saint John Inn

“Saint John Inn” is an exceptional luxury house that is conveniently located 19 miles north of Delcambre. The property boasts 5 bedrooms and many room amenities. Guests can enjoy a kitchen, DVD player, TV, and coffee and tea making facilities. They also have the option to cook their own meals.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, you may want to stay at Saint John Inn. The spacious home features a front porch, a rear deck, and high-speed WiFi. Guests can also enjoy high-tech amenities such as Amazon Alexa and Sonos surround sound.

Delcambre is a small town on the Gulf Coast. It is home to the annual Shrimp Festival and is known for its seafood industry. Local fishermen harvest abundant seafood around the area and offer it in local restaurants. The Twin Parish Port Commission has also created a market for seafood sales. Visitors can buy fresh seafood direct from the fishermen at the Delcambre Direct Seafood Docks.

1901 Historic 3 – Story Home Near Downtown Lafayette

This 1901 Historic 3 – Story Home near Downtown Lafayette, Indiana is an American Prairie Foursquare home built in the Centennial Neighborhood. The home was designed by Alva Kemmer, a Purdue graduate who was also responsible for the design of Purdue’s Hovde Hall and Mars Theatre. The home features a fireplace and features a kitchen.

LSU Museum of Natural Science

The LSU Museum of Natural Science in Delcambe, Louisiana is home to a variety of diverse collections. Some of these include the amphibian collection, birds and fishes, genetic resources, and mammals. In addition, the museum has a vertebrate paleontology collection.

The LSU Museum of Natural Science was established in 1936 with a few study specimens of birds, and it was originally housed in Audubon Hall. Since its beginning, it has grown into one of the largest natural history museums in the nation, with collections of more than 2 1/2 million specimens. The museum also contains a section on Louisiana history.

The LSU Museum of Natural Science is a research museum that utilizes scientific principles to preserve and protect the natural world. The museum also generates knowledge of global biodiversity, promotes public awareness and appreciation for nature, and provides research assistance to wildlife officials and forensic experts. The museum is an integral part of the LSU community and is operated by students.


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