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Places to Go in Grant Colorado

There are numerous places to visit in Grant, Colorado. Whether you are a family outing or an outdoor enthusiast, Grant has something for everyone. From small, charming shops to galleries, Grant is filled with opportunities for exploration. We recommend exploring the town on foot for a fuller experience.

Kenosha Pass

Located between Jefferson and Grant, Kenosha Pass is a beautiful spot that offers a number of outdoor activities. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. It also has a number of campgrounds. If you have a car, you can camp on the pass.

The pass is a popular location for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. It has appeared in several works of literature and pop culture and even the Comedy Central TV show “South Park.” You can hike to the pass in a day. You can also catch a glimpse of the majestic mountains on horseback.

The town of Grant is surrounded by scenic mountain landscapes. You can visit the Colorado Trail, which runs 486 miles from Denver to Durango and crosses Kenosha Pass. Hikers can also explore the Pike National Forest, which has some of the best hiking in the state.

Hiking on Kenosha Pass is a great way to see fall foliage, especially if you are visiting during the fall. There are two hiking trails available at the pass, the West and East. Both of them offer beautiful views of the surrounding plains. The trails range from easy to strenuous, depending on your level of fitness. The trails are also popular with moose, so keep an eye out for them.

When hiking on Kenosha Pass, the weather is perfect in late September and early October, and the colors of the aspens are a wonderful addition. In late September and early October, the colors are at their peak. During these months, you can take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage and get a great view of the mountain range. In addition to the gorgeous views, you can also camp in a primitive area.

Guanella Pass

When visiting Grant Colorado, one of the best things to do is to take a drive through the area’s Guanella Pass Scenic Byway. This road connects Georgetown, CO with Grant and goes through the Arapaho National Forest. It climbs over a mile and a half before descending through aspen groves. The landscape is varied, with a variety of wildlife.

The road to Guanella Pass is mainly unpaved, making it an excellent place for hiking or camping. The mountain is also home to the Mount Evans Wilderness, which is open only to foot traffic. The road descends to Grant and intersects with Highway 285. In the summer, the pass is closed to traffic, but during the winter, the road is used as a snowmobile trail.

To get to Guanella Pass from Grant, you should take US Hwy 285 west. From the Denver side, you’ll want to take Park County 62. From there, drive about 13.5 miles west. Once you reach the parking area, you’ll find a trailhead on the south side of the pass.

If you have the time, consider taking a drive through the scenic byway. It is about 22 miles long and offers spectacular views. It’s best to give yourself about an hour to fully take in the views and landscapes. This scenic byway connects US 285 and I-70.

For those who enjoy hiking, there is the three mile creek trail. This trail starts at an elevation of 8,900 feet and follows a beautiful creek up the mountain. The trail is full of creek crossings, and the last few may require negotiating depending on the creek flow.

If you love hiking, you should consider going for an overnight stay at the Tumbling River Ranch. There are several hiking trails near the ranch, which is six miles from Kenosha Pass. The pass is also close to Mount Evans Wilderness Area. This area has one road trip cafe, as well as two recreation areas.

Kenosha Canyon

Grant Colorado was established in 1870 and is located in the high country at 8,606 feet. It is home to the Colorado Trail, one of the premier long-distance hiking trails in Colorado. It spans 486 miles from Denver to Durango, passing over Kenosha Pass and surrounded by diverse ecosystems. The area was home to gold prospectors, who were welcomed by early ranchers.

The town is located six miles east of Kenosha Pass, which is home to two recreation areas and numerous hiking trails. Visitors to the area will also find campgrounds on both sides of the pass. Those staying in Grant will find some of the best hotels in Bailey.

Hikers who want to experience the spectacular natural beauty of Grant County can explore the Colorado Trail, a trail that runs from Denver to Durango. At the intersection of Highway 285 and the Colorado Trail, there are two separate hiking trails. Both offer great views and are moderately challenging. If you’re adventurous enough, you can even spot moose on the trails.

Grant Colorado is a small town set in spectacular surroundings. It is nestled in the upper valley of the North Fork South Platte River, about 40 miles southwest of Denver. The town has several restaurants and guest ranches. The town’s surrounding area is dotted with rustic cabins and lodges. The area is home to a number of great attractions, including granite outcroppings and canyons.

From the historic mining towns of Georgetown to the quaint town of Grant, you can find a wide variety of outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a laid-back vacation in a small town, Grant Colorado may be just the place for you. This historic town has everything you need for a relaxing getaway.

Pike National Forest

If you’re looking for a scenic spot in Grant County, Colorado, look no further than the Pike National Forest. This massive wilderness area covers more than 47,000 acres in the Front Range and Mosquito Mountains. Located near the city of Denver, it features many mountain passes and is home to the renowned Mount Evans.

The Pike National Forest is a popular destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The area is well known for its established target shooting ranges. The annual number of visitors to the park has increased in recent years, and it’s not surprising. This forest is also home to more than 100 wildlife species.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, this area’s hiking trails are perfect for families. You can choose from several trailheads along Mt. Herman Road, most of which are short (two to three miles) and perfect for beginners. And if you’re looking for a day of outdoor adventure, you can visit the U.S. Air Force Academy in nearby Colorado Springs.

For those who prefer to drive, there are many scenic routes in the region. Take the US Forest Service Trail 603, which is found at the head of Beartrack Creek and Tumbling Creek. The trail is accessible via County Road 73 and US Highway 285. From there, you can reach the peaks of Pikes Peak. This area is home to a number of great regional basecamps.

In addition to scenic hikes, there are many opportunities for lake fishing, boating, picnicking, and cross-country skiing. Visitors can also explore the nine wilderness areas found within the Pike and San Isabel National Forests. These include the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Mount Massive Wilderness, and Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Areas.

The Pike National Forest is also home to Devil’s Head, a popular destination for mountain bikers, rock climbers, and OHV riders. This area is known for its solid granite and unique rock formations.


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