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Fleur Desels

Fleur de Soleil is a type of fleur de lis stone. This is usually used for decorative purposes in carved works of art and also to provide traction on roads. It is formed naturally from dissolved sea waters from various coastal areas around the globe, such as most notably from the low-lying marshes of southwestern France, like Fleur de Mar and Cherbourg, in southeastern France. This natural sea mineral is high in sodium chloride and calcium chloride and is now highly processed for aesthetic and cosmetic use in salt. As such, it is often considered an inexpensive alternative to table salt.

fleur de sel

Today, fleur de sel is widely used for decorative purposes. However, many consumers choose not to use this particular type because it costs more than other artificial sea salts such as fleur de lis. The reason why fleur de sel is more expensive than table salt is because it takes three to four months to form and slowly saturate a piece of white clay, which is more expensive and labor intensive. On the other hand, sea salts quickly dissolve after just two weeks or less forming, making them cheaper. Also, fleur de sel can be used on sidewalks, driveways, patios, and as an alternative to grout in bathrooms, as it does not stain.

Like many other artificial sea salts, fleur de sel has its own unique taste. It does not have the salty taste that can be found with traditional sea salts. Because of its unique taste however, fleur de sel is often considered a delicate food that is best enjoyed on the dining table or in a salad. This is because this type of salt is often served with delicate ingredients, which are able to withstand much heavier meals. For this reason, many people prefer using this type of sea salt in lighter dishes such as salads.

Despite its delicate taste, fleur de sel has actually been in existence for centuries. In fact, it first came into use in the 14th century by French fishermen. As a result of this early use, the salt has maintained its popularity and is now used in numerous restaurants throughout France and even overseas. Despite this long history however, today’s fleur de sel is far less salty and much less concentrated than it was in previous years. This is due to advancements in the manufacturing process and the moisture content, which allows for the salt to retain its unique fleur de sel taste.

Fleur de sel is usually found in two different salts. One type of fleur de sel is salty and is commonly sold in bottled waters and marketed under the brand name Chateau de Fleur. The other form of fleur de sel is a softer version which lacks the salty taste. It is commonly sold in tablet form and comes in a variety of sizes. As the name indicates, the larger the size of tablet, the more concentrated the salt will be. For this reason, small fleur de tablet sizes are usually purchased for home use as they are not as potent as those found in fine dining establishments.

Fleur de Selam is very popular throughout France and even throughout Europe. The majority of this salt’s production comes from regions in France where this type of salt marshes in quite naturally. The most common areas where this salty treat is harvested are in regions of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Although the brand is quite popular, this product does not come cheap. While you can purchase a single teaspoon for just $1.00, it is important to keep in mind that these fleur de sel products are quite pricey. Usually a box containing four pounds of these treats sells for around ten dollars.


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